Meal timing and the circadian regulation of nutrient partitioning.
Breakfast [in the morning] strengthens circadian rhythms and reduces postprandial glucose excursion after lunch.

Study: Influences of breakfast on clock gene expression and postprandial glycemia in healthy individuals and individuals with diabetes: a randomized clinical trial  (Jakubowicz et al., 2017

They assessed circadian rhythms and postprandial metabolism after breakfast and lunch in two conditions: breakfast & no breakfast. They didn't test skipping breakfast vs. skipping dinner. It was breakfast vs. no breakfast. Acute. It wasn't a months-long study. 

Here's what they found: 

In the figure below, the red line is showing reduced glycemia after an identical lunch if breakfast was consumed that day. In contrast, if no breakfast was consumed that day, the blue line shows a higher peak blood glucose after lunch.

 I couldn't have said it better myself!



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