Matrix "Live" Ep 7 (Aug 25)
This week, on Matrix Live...


 $9 away from our first goal on Patreon!

 No new sponsors to announce this week, although we've had a few good conversations.

 Liberapay is up to almost €100 a week

 BTC & ETH doing well too

 We're not doing an ICO (yet); anyone offering you Matrix Tokens is either confused or scamming you.


 We released everything!  Widgets made it in there in the end

 Perf issues

 Groups and Flair coming up!

 Crypto is temporarily paused in favour of Dendrite

Formally announcing the Purism Librem 5 - the world's first ever Matrix-native smartphone!!

Riot/iOS: new release coming up with dark theme

 Share extension

 Callkit (and Siri integration)

Riot/Android: no progress due to holidays

Synapse: not much progress; lots of ops & monitoring stuff going on for


 66% through phase 1!

Bridges: no work happening; we need help from the community on this.

GNOME: discussion about replacing telepathy with Matrix in GNOME - check out the devel-desktop-list if you're interested: