Hey y'all -- it's your host, Andrea, with some flood-related news, updates and giving links.

The Texas coast is facing the worst floods ever recorded; Hurricane Harvey has devastated many communities. Here's a link list of how to help people working on the ground with your $$. Will update this post as I find more resources.

BUT FIRST, for blue-staters, coastal liberals and other potentially mouthy assholes who are prone to lack basic empathy when it gives them a chance to pretend to be politically superior: Keep any iteration of "Texas had it coming" or "What did they expect" or "Texas lawmakers are assholes therefore Texans should die in massive floods" 





This is NOT THE TIME to smirk and snark about average Texans losing their homes, families and pets. Trust me -- Texans know their elected officials are assholes. That's why Texans are suing to stop gerrymandering and racist voter ID laws. That's why Texans work to register their friends, family and neighbors to vote. That's why unlikely left-leaning candidates are still running against incumbent Republicans in local elections. Houston in particular is an amazingly diverse, politically active, refugee- and immigrant-full sprawling beacon of a city where folks are working together to resist and rebuke harmful right-wing policies and douchebag officials.

Here's what doesn't save lives: Snarky tweets and Facebook posts about refusing aid to people in need. Don't talk shit. Get your wallet out.


- Via United We Dream, resources en español, including details about residency status and ID-related queries

~*~*~ GENERAL RELIEF ~*~*~

- Texas Diaper Bank is creating relief kits

- Global Giving's Hurricane Harvey relief fund 

- GoFundMe pages related to Hurricane Harvey (I haven't vetted these)

- Houston Emergency Aid Coalition 

- Team Rubicon: Deploys veterans to respond in crises

- The city of Houston has launched a disaster relief fund


- Safety Pin Box's list of black women affected by Harvey w/PayPals and other links, please donate directly!

- Portlight prioritizes disaster relief for people with disabilities

- Houston Area Women's Shelter - domestic violence aid w/hotlines open

- Help supply period products to Texans in need! This org is working to donate tampons, pads etc to Houstonians.

- Harvey relief fund managed by the Texas Organizing Project, SEIU, TRLA and other groups focused on assisting the most marginalized Texans

- Houston Interfaith Ministries is supporting seniors

~*~*~ SHELTER ~*~*~

- Houston Coalition for the Homeless is coordinating shelter

- AirB&B for places to stay

- List of shelters in Houston

- "Mattress Mack" is opening his furniture stores to people who need shelter. Pets welcome!

~*~*~* ANIMAL RELIEF ~*~*~

- SPCA of Texas coordinating animal rescue and rehoming

- Austin Pets Alive is taking in strays from Harvey zones

- Humane Society relief fund for animal rescue

- Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward coordinating animal rescue in neighborhood, need assistance and repairs for kennels, etc

~*~*~*~ STUDENTS ~*~*~

- Austin Ed Fund is raising money to help evacuees enrolling in Austin schools

- A Houston teacher's Amazon wishlist for supplies for her students post-Harvey

- Dallas ISD is preparing to receive displaced students from Houston. Via Candy's Dirt, here's how you can help 


- Houston DSA coordinating volunteers for rescue and assistance

- Dallas shelters prep for evacuees, how to help here 

- Austin folks: Sign up to help!

- If you have a boat in Houston, here's how to help!

- Help supply lunch kits to day laborers when clean-up begins

- The shelter at NRG needs UNDERRWEAAAARRRRRR 

- SPREAD THE WORD: If you are making donations of clothing, etc. please SORT AND LABEL YOUR DONATIONS. By size and type!

~*~*~ MEDICAL NEEDS ~*~*~

- Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi

- Direct Relief connects safety net providers with medical supplies

~*~*~* FOOD ~*~*~

- Houston Food Bank

- Corpus Christi food bank 

- Galveston food bank 

- HEB: mobile kitchens, aid + find out which stores are open

- Target Hunger - local neighborhood food bank in Houston

Food Bank of the Golden Crescent (Victoria)
Closed Friday

Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr)

Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan)

Central Texas Food Bank (Austin)

San Antonio Food Bank