Learn English Mini-Story: Jenny & The Clone Project
Meet Jenny the Programming Biologist. The character I'm currently working on in my new short story. This is a very condensed version I'm creating for students who are learning English as a Second Language. 
  • Read the mini-story to master the vocabulary and expressions. 
  • Then listen to it to improve your Pronuncation. 
  • Finally, practice your speaking by telling it to someone else. 
There is a woman. Her name is Jenny. She is from Brazil. She studies biology at a university. And she is a very good programmer
She works in a large corporation. Jenny has a hairbrained idea. She develops a program to transfer people's minds into a cloned body. 
She wants to help sick people and save the world. But everyone thinks that she is as nutty as a fruitcake
During the project, she falls in love with a man named Al. Al is one of her guinea pigs. The electricity goes out during one of the experiments, and poor Al dies
Jenny is very angry. She goes stark, raving mad. And she wants revenge. 
She destroys many clones. But her boss stops her. He yells at her, “Jenny, are you off your rocker!” 
He wants to send her to jail. But General Bart promises to forgive her if she is successful with the project.
She completes the transfer, but he uses the clones to hijack the president's body. Bart locks Jenny up and goes to the white house. 
At first, she is a real basket case. But then she calms down. Jenny accesses the computers and hacks into the system. 
She receives a message from Al. His mind is still alive in the computer.  Together they improve the transfer system. They clone Jenny's mind into Bart's body.
Jenny escapes and goes to the white house. She tells people that he is not the president. But they think that she has a loose screw. 
She follows General Bart. He goes nuts when he sees her. She tries to convince him to return to his body and stop this crazy plan. But he becomes very upset and goes bananas. Then he shoots her.
To Be Continued....

Thanks for reading and listening. Make sure to follow along for more updates and mini-stories.