Matrix "Live" Ep 8 (Sep 1)
This week, on Matrix Live...


Announcing as corporate sponsor!

We reached our first goal on Patreon! And totalise $3000/month across Patreon and Liberapay

A few big BTC & ETH donations too

Last week of Google Summer of Code:

Thank you to Michael for a static Matrix client; for Aram for collapseable membership events on iOS and upcoming ability to Share, and Denis for CallKit integration and calls from Siri!


Federation is progressing ! was federated, demo coming soon

Dendrite is now running against the regression test suite

Mobile: focusing on Jitsi integration

The Purism Librem 5 campaign is still running, help fund the world's first ever Matrix-native smartphone! released this post 7 days early for $5 patrons.   Become a $5 patron