What's happening, what's next

So then. Lots of exciting news. Let’s get to it.

Firstly, publication announcements - I have two short stories appearing in anthologies before the year is out.

After the success of the Vs. anthology last year, I was delighted to be invited back by Dawn Cano for this year’s book. Called ‘Vs: Extreme’, this follows the format of last year, with 13 UK and 13 US based authors paired up, with stories going head to head before a panel of judges. It’s a neat idea and leads to some fun friendly rivalries between the authors. 

And bloody hell, those authors! Jack Ketchum (!!!), Wrath James White, Jasper Bark, Graeme Reynolds, Duncan Rawlston… this list of insane talent goes on and on, and then there’s my name, right on the cover. Surreal. Scheduled for a December release, and featuring my short story ‘Claws’, this is going to be a belter of a collection. Also, all proceeds go to charity - last year we raised over $1000 dollars for animal charities in both countries, which is amazing. Judging by this line up, I’ll be amazed if we don’t beat that this time out. I’ll share pre-order links once they are up, but meantime, here’s the (awesome) cover:

Next up, extreme horror author/phenomenon THE Matt Shaw has announced one final horror anthology, as he transitions to focussing on a burgeoning film career. Having previously featured in ‘Bah, Humbug’, and ‘Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers’ (Christmas and Easter themed anthologies) I was flattered to be invited to take part in his final project of this kind, ‘Masters Of Horror’.

And then I saw the author list.

Brian Lumley,

Adam Nevill,

Guy N. Smith

Ramsey Campbell,

Shaun Hutson,

Jim Goforth,

Wrath James White,

Matt Shaw,

Adam Millard,

And on and on and on. 

And I’m in it too. By invitation.

It really doesn’t get much better than this. Amazon pre-order is already up, here (release date 12th November): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Masters-Horror-Anthology-Matt-Shaw-ebook/dp/B074T1H3V4/

And here’s the cover:

Pretty exciting stuff, right?

And then there’s this: My own, seemingly endlessly delayed debut short story collection, ‘A Warning About Your Future Enslavement That You Will Dismiss As A Collection Of Short Fiction And Essays By Kit Power’ will also be coming out in November. Because with the Masters Of Horror appearance, I can’t afford for it not to be out.

So, the next two weeks I’m on a social media ban, and I will be getting my D3 into shape for the line edit, and from there to publication. I’m also, as a special thank you to you, my backers, for your patience, going to be giving you access to that unedited text as soon as I’m done. Note that backers at appropriate levels will ALSO get their paperbacks/ebooks of the finished version as per the rewards - this won’t replace that, it’s just a little something extra. I’m excited about this collection and the approach I’m taking with it, and I hope you dig it too. I’ll also be doing cover reveals here, for backers, before it goes up anywhere else, so stay tuned.

Once that’s done, my next job of work is getting My Life In Horror up to date. I know what I want the next 3 posts to be about, so that will be done as soon as the book is with the editor.

Running alongside that, work also proceeds apace on my first editing project. Working alongside Jack Bantry, editor of Splatterpunk Magazine, he and I are pulling together a charity anthology called Fighting Back. I cannot believe the talent we’ve amassed for this book, or the sheer quality of the stories they’ve provided, but I am confident that we’re going to be delivering something very special indeed here. Launch date is Halloween, with many more details to follow soon. All proceeds will go to Macmillan, a charity very close to both Jack and I.

I have a couple of Robocops recorded, so that will continue on a monthly schedule, with bonus episodes returning on a bi-monthly basis as and when the funding reaches $20 a month - so don’t worry, RoboFans, you will be catered for :) .

It’s going to be a hell of a couple of months. I hope you enjoy the ride. Thanks for taking it with me :)