PREVIEW: The Succulent Manual- A Care and Repair Guide for all Climates by Andrea Afra

I do think it's high time I let y'all in on a secret project I've been pounding away at...introducing: 

The Succulent Manual - A Care and Repair Guide for all Climates

While I'm not a succulent seller, I do let go of some surplus plants through small sales occasionally and you should too. I am just a writer who happens to really love succulents and helping people, and that's what I've been doing for nearly two years now: Answering questions from folks who need help with their plants.  

My initial plan was to release The Succulent Manual in a printed book format but over the last few months I've been thinking of a different approach that would help more people sooner. I rely on other informative websites and forums to find solutions and help identify plants, and they need to be referenced and easily accessed by readers in search of answers. Even in an eBook format, it would be difficult to include the links and resources I refer to for answers, so I really think the best approach is to let it live online until a print-friendly format reveals itself naturally.  

I'm already sitting on several chapters organized by sections including but not limited to basic tips, propagation, and troubleshooting problems based on your climate and garden zone. If I were to wait until this information was ready to be printed and released by a publishing house, it could be years before it saw the light of day. Sure it might come with a monetary advance and marketing support, but I believe those I help will find it valuable enough to pay for and help spread the word in other ways. 

For now I have decided to begin releasing portions from The Succulent Manual on Patreon before making it public on Patreon is a platform where creators are funded by their audience. These members are called Patrons and they support the creators by committing to paying a set amount each month to help fund the costs of creating new valuable content. 

For as little as a buck a month, Patrons will be able to access exclusive content, and leave questions and comments about each section which I or other Patrons can answer. 

I already have a few lovely Patrons who will gain immediate access to the first 'members-only' content and other rewards like giveaway entries and 1-on-1 plant advice.

Click here to read the intro to The Succulent Manual- A Guide to Care and Repair for all Climates. Continue to enjoy the first two chapters #1/Basic Tips: Expectations and #2/Basic Tips: Light, then sign up to continue reading the latest sections already published and more as they are released.