September Game Giveawy
September has arrived, and for many that means a return to school, to normal work schedules, and is a not-so-subtle reminder that summer is drawing to a close. But September isn't all bad really. 

In fact, it can be down right enjoyable. And we're here to sweeten the month for you. Literally!

This month, we're giving you a delicious, delicious treat in the form of Go Nuts for Donuts by Gamewright and Daily Magic Games! You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

In this caloric-friendly card game, each player is trying to get the most points by collecting donuts (naturally). Each adorably illustrated donut type provides points in different ways - similar in style to Sushi Go - and so collecting the right ones is key to success. On the table sits a row of numbers with donuts underneath, and each turn players simultaneously reveal a number from their hand to try to claim the associated doughy friend. If you're the only one who does - it's yours! Yum. If one more more players try for the same number though, it's discarded and no one gets it. Then the table is reset and you go again. It's that simple. 

So come overdose on the sugary goodness of an enjoyable family-style filler game with way to cute cute artwork.

Per usual, all Patreon backers are automatically entered each month. If you're not a backer, consider becoming one today!

Also, congrats to Citizen Robert Johnson for being the previous month's winner of one of the Unlock! escape room games!

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