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Corporate Con Job Chapter 2: For Paid Patrons!

I mentioned last week when I sent the Patron-only post for Chapter 1 that I'd be sending Chapter 2 soon! Here it is. 

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Chapter 3 will be released on September 12th, to coincide with HILLARY CLINTON's book release, "What Happened." To put it mildly... her version of events is completely delusional. Go here to get a sneak peek of chapter 3:

Thank you for your support! I can't do this without you! YOU as a Patron are the reason I'm able to keep writing this book. 

The concept of FAKE NEWS is not unique to Trump's administration or his campaign. In fact, the deregulation of media started with the great "orator" and actor, President Ronald Reagan. This was the first indicator of normalization of the blurring of lines between celebrity and elected official. Read more in CHAPTER TWO!!! 

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