Serious Roleplay Pledge Tier Details
Like to roleplay? 

You are now eligible to apply to play special roles, called Guides, in chat for SRP (serious roleplay) stream series. While you can increase your chances of being offered a role by pledging at higher tiers, I can't guarantee that you'll qualify for a role as there are many factors involved. When I have roles available, some of the factors involved in my choice as to who I'll offer roles to are: 

  • patron pledge tier
  • how many roles I have available
  • which chat(s) you frequent (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Discord)
  • if you've been given a chat role recently
  • how often you are present and active

Patrons at higher pledge tiers will be considered first (as is noted), but I'll also try to spread the fun around to new qualifying patrons from series to series to make it as fair as possible.  

If you pledge at this tier, you'll have basic SRP chat role application eligibility, which means I will be considering higher tier patron's first for roles.  

Perks: Please check the pledge tier where a perk is marked as new for additional details on upgraded perks from this tier.  

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