Enshrined Pledge Tier Details
As well as a happy Val The Cat purr and virtual smurgle*, you'll receive one** entry in the every other month 'Game Time With Val' draw (once that goal is reached).    

That's right, 'Game Time With Val'**!  Once every two months a qualifying patron will be chosen at random and I'll play a mutually agreed upon multi-player game with you for a day (up to 6 hours total, in 2 sessions) - I can stream or not, it'll be up to you! :)  

In addition, you'll have a named statue set up in the main section of my Patreon build (where the game supports that feature).  

And last, but not least, if you pledge at this tier, you'll have medium SRP chat role application eligibility, which means I will be considering higher tier patrons first for roles, but this tier will be considered before lower tiers.   

Perks: Please check the pledge tier where a perk is marked as new for additional details on upgraded perks from this tier.  

* The desirability of a smurgle is debatable.  In-person smurgles involve feline drool and love upon one's ear. 

** You'll receive one entry for the month of the draw. Eg: You successfully pledge $15 for March. This gives you one entry for the April 'Game Time With Val' drawing which will take place at the beginning of April.