Mentor's Corner
Networking is more than meeting people. It is the value of knowing how to listen and respond with your time and patience.

Follow ups change the outcome of any relationship. We follow up looking for more than a hand out or gain. The only gain that is important is the relationship.

Your circle of five is deeply important to your ever lasting career. Those who can influence their own lives will influence yours. Stay steady with people who help you grow.

Go out and beyond your computer. For people place hard earned sweat and tears into their passion. When we give them our presences it is reward with a friendship.

Take the opinions of others seriously. You may not agree, nor must you change your beliefs in those opinions. It is as simple as allowing them to have opinions and add to a conversation.

Your time given is more valuable than taking time from others. Giving your time to people by volunteering to help others will be returned tenfold. Learn when and where to give your time without expecting a return.