The Allure of Wanton Cove .92 Public

This build is a little on the small side.  A lot of my work time has been spent working the the new Inheritance artists, and the amount of work I've been getting done recently has suffered a bit for it.  That said, it looks like we're in the late stages of creating a system for how to present and distribute work between everyone that will work for everybody involved.  Yesterday and today have almost been back to normal for the amount of time I have to work, so I figure you can all expect to see some more substantial builds again starting the the next build of the game.

Changelog .92

-Updated "Special Thanks" passage with new Patrons at appropriate levels. 9/9/17

-One of Tanya's sex scenes now has art.  See, art that's not associated with an ending!  More art will appear in upcoming releases.  

-Rebuilt Lady Anne's intro and wrote three variants of the willing entry scene.

-Added new dialogue for Lady Anne.

-Added a new story driven scene that should play out on the 7th morning.  

-Added new dialogue for Tanya after 7th morning scene.

-Added about 3k words of content to the game.  At the same time, I sent through and streamlined a bit of content, trimming some redundant content from the game that probably cut us by about 1k wors as well.  This brings the game's total size up to around 273k words.


As usual, I'm not setting a hard date for the next Wanton Cove release, but I'll be shooting for somewhere between the 27th and 7th.  I'm also hard at work trying to get some small scenes written for Inheritance (Unfortunately, all of my small scenes keep turning into big scenes, . . . which I guess is good in the long run.) with the hopes of getting at least a small update to that up for people to enjoy some time early next month.

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