Dear friend,

Welcome to ep 7 of Against Everyone with Conner Habib!

This episode focuses on the emergence of identity politics, social justice warrior-ism, how selfies play into our world views, Make America Great Again-ers, and more.

I wanted to take on the opportunities presented to us by identity politics, as well as the dangers we face if we don't begin to shift our perspective about them a bit.

• Your parallel lives: 1:55
• The Grand Canyon is interesting because I’m in front of it: 4:20
• I’m the center of the universe: 5:15
• God and the worms need you: 6:10
• Intersectional warriors in the Garden of Eden: 8:55
• Losing ourselves for the sake of language: 12:05
• Racism isn’t what it used to be, and the three things to not say to an
Arab: 14:30
• Don’t offend my language!: 17:10
• The danger of new nationalisms: 17:45
• Is intersectionality just capitalist politics?: 19:20
• Identities are teachers, not foundations or obstacles to transcend:

(Sorry to say there's a wee bit of a sound issue on this one: a slight echo. If you keep the volume at the right level, it's fine. If you're playing it loud on headphones, it's mildly annoying. It won't happen again!)


Here's my pal Doug Rushkoff's book, Present Shock, which is a good intro to a lot of the challenges and enthusiasms we encounter in our moment. Doug also has a radio show called Team Human.

Angelus Silesius is full of amazing quotes. Here's his book, The Cherubic Wanderer. The photo above is a monument inspired by and dedicated to him in Poland.

Owen Barfield is a constant source of inspiration for me. He was one of the Inklings (along with JRR Tolkein, CS Lewis, etc.), and heavily influenced by the work of Rudolf Steiner. One of his best books is Saving the Appearances, which I allude to in AEWCH Ep5. Some of what I refer to in the episode is an essay of his entitled "Owen Barfield and the Origin of Language".

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