Don't Trust Hurricanes.
In case anyone noticed my lack of online presence, My house was recently hit by the outskirts of Hurricane Irma. Nothing major, but my power is still out back at home. Trees falling like dominoes, one almost hit my car (luckily, it fell the exact other way). Couldn't even get out, because the trees blocked the entire streets. Also, a really old TV Satellite fell from our house and almost smashed my window, but that was okay.

When Hurricane season comes along, my house usually takes in the rest of the family from upstate, or out of state, because most of them lives on islands or near the shore. It's just expected that a tornado or hurricane, or a tsunami is coming, we know the spots that it hits (and it does) so it's time to go down to my house to recoup.

According to the sheer number of trees that fell in my neighborhood, this community hasn't seen any storm like that in at least fifty years.

Still, I was one of the lucky ones. I'm alive, and thankfully, I have close-by relatives who were only affected by the lack of power for a day or so. Seriously though, I need my power back. Now I know how White Supremacists feel.

Also, fuck PewDiePie.

Stay safe out there, and anyone deeply affected by any of those whirling disasters, you have my prayers and sympathies. I hope you are doing better, and I hope that your family community rebounds.

Again, stay safe.