Episode 4 Now Available [UPDATED to 4.2]
Pieces fall into place as the Commander and the crew of the Inanna are sent on a rescue mission inside Hegemony territory in order to rescue a rogue Vilar before they are executed.

or use the update function in the game (before 4.1 it's on the main menu)

WIKI (very early and missing a lot, but has episode walkthroughs): http://www.starshipinanna.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page 

~Patreon Only Release

~Fixed Asa scene in gallery causing crash
~Fixed Patreon Only scene causing crash in brothel
~Various small fixes to dialog

~Public Release
~New main menu
~Game Update moved to Preferences Menu
~Scene Gallery reorganized
~Replaced all text buttons in the Scene Gallery
~Fixed old Jump Gate images in Episode 1 (and corrected some text)
~Fixed Family variable from Episode 1 causing a Crash in episode 2 under certain conditions (sadly can't fix errors in Episode 2 without replaying 1)
~Family/Parents discussion/variables in Episode 2 Completely rewritten in prep for Episode 5 (no need to go back for this, we're going to have a save creator before Episode 5)


~Fixed a bunch of typos in Episode 4
~Fixed Male image showing up for Female Commander in one scene in Episode 4
~Fixed glitched variable in Chole female sex scene in Episode 4


~Fixed Bojin scene in Episode 3 being swapped (being virtual as opposed to an amputee or vice versa)
~Fixed Cea talking to the Female PC as if she was a Male PC in Lorent City.
~Fixed Female PC referring to themselves as Male in Episode 4 with Alex
~Fixed a glitch in Episode 1 that would not define the 'next time' with David in Episode 2 (Sadly requires replaying Episode 1)
~Fixed David's scene in Episode 4 not unlocking in the Gallery (requires replaying the scene in Episode 4)
~Fixed a few more typos in the game.