Ramón Pérez: People's History of Comics Interview (text)

Back in March we first contacted Eisner Award winning comic creator, Ramón Pérez, known for his work on Nova, Spider-Man, X-Men and Tale of Sand, to be on our podcast. We asked him to do a People's History of Comics interview and he wrote out his answers! These answers differ slightly from his actual recorded interview so we thought we would share them here. If you want to hear his first interview with us, it's here. If you want to hear his People's History of Comics that we recorded, it's here.

1. How did you get into comics? / What’s the first comic book you remember reading as a child?

i’ve been reading comics, newspaper and european, as far back as i can recall - they were just always there. a favourite was mortadelo i filemon, a spanish humour duo, plus i was a huge fan of garfield as a kid, and eventually calvin and hobbes. my introduction to the more north american ‘mainstream’ comics came around grade 6, accompanying a friend to the local variety store where he was picking up his comics, i was intrigued and picked up a few of my own, included was the elf quest #1, the epic comics colour reprint, and west coast avengers #1, and the final issues of power man and iron fist, and the defenders. 

2. Did you have a favorite comic series or character growing up? What about currently?

Early on it was elf quest, the epic reprint, and later on the black and white ongoings from wendi and richard pini, the original TMNT, moon knight (the original series), shade the changing man, and eventually the uncanny x-men and the classics reprints. currently i don’t collect enough of anything to call it a favourite, i lean more towards one off graphic novels, or collections of classic newspaper strips, and some trades of modern stuff. couple i pick up regularly are southern bastards, and outcast.

3. How have comic books affected you? Is there a comic arc that has had a big impact on you?

No arc or story has had a really affecting impact. at certain points you gain an affinity for characters based on your life. x-men was important as they were outcasts, which is how i often felt at school, being an artist and moving around a lot. then as you grow and change, other characters grow more in tune with your life. when i was reading sandman it was my college years, and an era of self introspection and speculation. but really this is something that i can correlate to literature, music, and film, as well. they all feed us, educate us, twist us, and inspire us.

4. Do you have a favorite comic book movie or tv show?

Just saw logan and utterly loved it. so it’s pretty far up the list. the first robert downey iron man is a solid straight up superhero movie that i love as well. a classic fave which i can never get enough of is danger diabolik which is based on the italian fumeti.

5. A cruel deity is about to destroy every comic in the world. You get to save five story arcs. What do you choose?

I don’t think i could even name five story arcs… HAHA! how about the spider-man clone saga? so we never repeat our mistakes...

6. You can have drinks with one comic character. The character. Not the actor who played them or historical person they are based on. Who is it?

Wolverine. has been a constant fave throughout my life as a character - well, till marvel gave him an origin story - i like to disregard that part.

7. What’s the last comic  you read?

Extremity by daniel warren johnson, and i utterly loved it.