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145 Pregens or Roll Your Own
Pregens are good for one shots and con games. Roll your own pc is good for campaigns, but what if you flip it? Is there a time when pregens could be used for an rpg campaign? :gasp: How about rolling up characters for a convention game or one shot?


  • Want to run games under our Banner at Gamehole? Submissions are open! So let us know what you’d like to run
  • Brett was at Origins
  • Vece Young’s Gaming & BS Map - It’s awesome!! (facebook or G+ or Twitter)
  • Blades in the Dark books finally arrived

Random Encounter

Chris Johnson from G+ looks for advice with problems with her game group.

Karlen 'OftheHillPeople' Kendrick comments on ep 144-Character Development

Die Roll


  • VtM 5th Edition - I had a chance to talk to Ken Hite at Origins about a question I had
  • Top Secret NWO is coming


  • Curse of Strahd coming to Roll20 (link)
  • Roll20 Con coming June 24-25
  • Broadsword - A game of legendary heroes and epic adventure, kickstarter coming. Announcement on G+

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