Hello Adventurer and welcome to The Rat's Tail. 

The Rat's Tail is a small bar in The Commons in Mieveht. It is owned and ran by a strange, raggedy, black furred Tabaxi named Shift Pines of the Wandering Creek, but everyone calls him Shifty. The food here sucks. There's no kitchen so Shifty has to stick to cold foods that he can keep in back, and hopefully they haven't gone bad by the time he serves them. The ale is terrible. Not only is it some of the cheapest kegs Shifty can get his hands on, but it always seems to have gone stale by the time you order some. Rumor has it, he also waters it down to make it last longer. The best thing going for The Rat's Tail is the private room. Shifty has probably put more money into the private room than he has in the rest of the bar together, and because of that, he's become a very popular location for shady business dealings.

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