2006 edition Cover. In a daring and unprovoked spark of madness, one man declares war on the impossible, the sun itself as it rests in the heavens, and sets off on a roller coaster ride through the world, both rich and poor, seen and unseen, to create complete destruction, or, rather, destroy creation. Driven by what can only be blind fury and embraced foolishness, he weaves a harrowing trail of death and moral disease, spreading his illness like cancer and held captive by his own twisted vision, until it brings about a startling conclusion that will unsettle the settled and entrance readers in this one mans struggle to be free of himself, of the world, and to understand. In this thought-provoking and suspense-ridden book of surprises, one might find ultimate meaning, as humanitys will to create and humanitys will to destroy tee off in a cosmic battle of the ages, where only one will emerge the victor.