Rally against Yarovaya law [for everyone]
"...One of the surprise speakers and who you can see on the painting was Alexey Navalny. ... Since there wasn't a stage and there weren't any large loudspeakers he (and others) had to climb on a small fence near some kind of electric distribution building and shout to the crowd..." (from the backstory)

"Rally against Yarovaya law"

from the “Moscow album” 2015~2017; ink, gouache, watercolour on paper; 24x32 cm.

Come to the journey of light and lines, we are saving our floating world. Artworks are created with the help of beautiful supporters: John Creswell, Zoliphered, lena malik, Valet2

«Митинг за отмену пакета Яровой»

из «Московского альбома» 2015~2017; тушь, гуашь, акварель на бумаге; 24x32 см.

Приходите на путь света и линий, мы сохраняем наш утекающий мир. Картины создаются при поддержке прекрасных патронов: John Creswell, Zoliphered, lena malik, Valet2