Chem-Formula-Tooltips, Glowglass, Plantalyzer, Queue Hopper, Bumblebees and a Tool Manual
Lots of random new Stuff this week! :D

I didn't have any major inspiration, so I just looked at the TODO List and picked random things off of it, aswell as doing some back-end work for making MTE-Items that can be charged and decharged in the future (so 3D placeable Battery Items basically).

First thing to talk about is the Plantalyzer, it is a Machine that can scan IC2 Crops and Forestry Saplings. It doesn't even need Honey to do that, and consumes far less Energy than a Handheld Cropnalyzer.

Then there is the Queue Hopper, which remembers the order the Items have been inserted into it, and doesn't let stacking of Items bypass the order of things, while still letting Items stack to some extend.

Also new, Glowglass, a Clear Glass Block that emits a Glowstone alike Light Level! Just inject any Glowstone Dust into a piece of Clear GT6 Glass.

The new Type of Satanic Bumblebees produces Soulsand and Soulsand Oil in its Combs, and has to be bred just like other high Tier Bumblebees.

And last but not least, I added a Tool Manual that contains basic Information about pretty much every GT6 Tool that exists. Very useful for Beginners and people, who want to know about some side abilities of Tools.

Edit: I forgot to mention the Chemical Formula Tooltips (aside from the Title ofc) that I added back. They now even use Subscript and mostly look like proper Formulas. ^^

Btw, I removed the old GT6-Meta-IC2-Cell-Item, so don't be worried if it is missing, it was unused anyways. ;)

So, this is it for this Week. Thank you all for your Support and as always have a Download Page Link too. ;3

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