A Welcome and A Thank You

I first want to welcome all of my new Patrons to the family. It is my hope as we move forward together that I will be able to collaborate WITH you all on future projects. As I grow in my skills as a minimal / flat design artist, I want to be able to create things that you want to see and you were able to be a part of. On top of the art that I would already be making for myself, I will have polls on what you think I should do next, so keep an eye out for those.

I also wanted to thank everyone new and established for your support. Tomorrow is the big day where I will receive your generous donations for the month of October. I recently  reached a new high of 8 Patrons, and a fulfillment of 2 goals. I was able to sign up today for Adobe's Creative Suite of applications and will be watching a lot of tutorial videos over the coming weeks. Lots has changed, and I also will need to learn how to adapt the software to my abilities. The screenshot above is of me trying to use the application Photoshop on some revisions I made to my Inside Out faces collection.

So again welcome and thank you, and I look forward to our future together as we keep living between the lines!