AATOFL 0.54 Public beta
Okay , here it is the AATOFL public beta. This is *nearly* the same version as 0.53 but i added some fixes and now you can change the lip color of the girls.(if you find the device)
The old savegames from 0.53 should work since i did not really added some important new variables.

I have to admit that it took far to long from one public release to the next because i tried to stuff to much stuff into the crew quarters. And i am not even finished >_<.
My fault..srsly...

What is still missing is :
- the restrain table used during the chastity trail story event
- the chastity trail and towerdefense game as a generic event
- the *girl transportation* device
- too much other things....

Anyway here is the full change log :

Change log : 0.53 to 0.54

- Fixed : Aemi's generic immobilisation attach event should now work correctly

- Fixed : Free romaing dialouge box scrolling was not responding as planned

- Fixed : Towerdefense  -> lowered navmesh radius so constructor *should* not get stuck anymore (i hope xD)

- Fixed : After 3D printer event the *find VIvian'S normal plugs* should now work agaion without getting the player stuck

- Added : Lip color changer device in crew quarters

- Added : About 200 VN frames (Lip stick device event)

Change log : 0.45 to 0.53

- Added : About 2600 VN frames (free roaming mode mostly)

- Added : Metal armbinders

- Added : A special attachment for the Metal armbinders

- Added : New special shaped plugs for Vivian and Aemi

- Added : The simple bondage thing from Vivians Cabin as generic event

- Added : The towerdefense game (currently only as unqie event)

- Added : The Xcross Table (only avaliable after towerdefense game)

- Added : Savegame alternative workaround (mostly for Linux and MAC users)

- Added : More events for the AI live script (mostly for the new toys)

- Added : Some clothes for Vivian and Aemi (after towerdefense game)

- Fixed : Several issues with the free roaming mode AI live scripts

- Fixed : Many little bugs ^_^

- Changed : Some technical things for the AI live script (those are the things you do not see xD)

Uff... and now for the Linux and MAC users the unsupported *i just hit the compile button* versions. Of course as always untested since i do not own a MAC and/or linux system.

WIn 64 Bit download :


LINUX universal : 


MAC x64 : 


I hope i did not screwed up the uploads and if i did so.. please let me know so i can reupload them.

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