[Oregon Eclipse Talk] The Evolution of Time: Biology, Mythology, and Consciousness

Hey friends!  As I settle in for a season of writing and patient, introspective work – and grapple with festival and travel withdrawal - I'm looking forward to unpacking several of this year's best live recordings for you.  

This one from the Global Eclipse Gathering in Big Summit Prairie, Oregon was for the biggest audience I've ever had.  I feel like everybody's awesome energy gave me some extra focus and enthusiasm for a very all-encompassing riff, on how we can navigate time as a landscape, using our attention.  

I mention plenty of this year's pet topics: flowers as a planet-wide catastrophe; how everything's a remix (and has always been a remix); how mastery is not enough and we can set our sights beyond, on transformation.

But some really marvelous NEW stuff came up in this one, also – just a testament to how inspiring it can be to share some space-time with you, up there, and how I'm convinced original ideas emerge through GROUPS of people (even if one person does most of the talking).

Anyway, here is the whole thing in a 360º video playlist I shot from stage, or the MP3 audio extracted UNEDITED from that video.  (I hear the festival got a soundboard recording but I couldn't hold my breath that long...)

Links for your enjoyment (and maybe even sharing?):

VIDEO PLAYLIST - http://bit.ly/the-evolution-of-time

And! Question:  

What would you like more of from me?  How can I do this better?  Topics I should write or speak about?  Unanswered riddles that deserve more loving scrutiny?  I want my work to resonate and you're the one who knows which way for me to tune it.  Thanks in advance for guiding me toward better work in service as a voice of what's emerging...feel free to email me when and whatever.