Trolleybus stop at Vykhino metro station [for everyone]
"It's a moment that for many years was happening there, and this calm rainy day in August felt deserving a piece of paper..." (from the backstory)
  • "Trolleybus stop at Vykhino metro station"

from the “Moscow album” 2015~2017; ink, watercolour on paper; 24x32 cm.

Come to the journey of light and lines, we are saving our floating world

Artworks are created with the help of beautiful supporters: John Creswell, Zoliphered, lena malik, Andrew Dalton (hi!), TekTherapy - Ronald Bodinger (hi!), Valet2

  • «Троллейбусная остановка у метро Выхино»

из «Московского альбома» 2015~2017; тушь, акварель на бумаге; 24x32 см.

Приходите на путь света и линий, мы сохраняем наш уплывающий мир.

Картины создаются при поддержке прекрасных патронов: John Creswell, Zoliphered, lena malik, Andrew Dalton, TekTherapy - Ronald Bodinger, Valet2