Inheritance: Move2 Build
Please note that the free build is one build behind the Patreon version for this project.  For Inheritance, we are using the early access model, with free users being one build behind the Patreon version.

What's new since the "Movement" build?  This version adds more than 100 ambient scenes to the game.  They lack interactive content at this time, though some of them will open the door to interactive content in the future.  Every location in the house has two or more scenes in every time slot.  The time of day can have a huge impact on both which scenes can play out, and how many scenes are available.  Some rooms have scenes related to Day, Night, Dusk/Dawn, Work hours, Mealtimes, Evenings, or several other factors.

The new Patreon version of the game includes 24 new ambient scenes, many of which involves one or both of the girls.  It also includes some mechanical improvements to the game as well as some early placeholder art work. (Most of the new art is WIP and as intended as a placeholder until finalized pieces can be added in their place.

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