All-Consuming Light - (RP#6) 2 of 2
Hey, how's it going, Wordsmiths!

I hope everyone's evenings are going well. First of all, I wanted to check in and give a mini-update on some things. 

--I'll be starting up a Newsletter called The Bookmark Newsletter. It will be something I offer to all $1 Patreons and higher tiers. Basically, it will feature project updates, Patreon-related announcements, possible early-access to Patreon subject matter, small advertisements(i.e. "Hey, I'm looking for an artist, know anyone?), and any book promotions that I know of. 

--I'm still looking for an artist to do the illustrations for my graphic stories. I haven't had much time to play around with the Wacom tablet too much. It turns out, setting up the dang thing takes a lot more time than I'd initially realized. But that's okay, I'll get to it. 

--Soon, I'll be choosing the first story to run with and that might help with securing an illustrator. At least, that's what I think; having a topic would give someone an idea if it's something their willing to draw. So, outlining will begin soon. 

Thanks for checking out this post. **Remember, all Wayward Divine Rough Pages posts are open to the Public so give them a read!

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