On my art table right now is an set of water-colors and an unfinished Officer Yoo. The Yoo will be going to Daniel Sharpe for his first at level award. It's long overdue but I'll get to that in a minute. I've been giving Patreon a lot of thought, it being the New Year and such, and there are some housekeeping things that I will be attending to post-haste. One of those is getting more rewards out to people. One of those is a major page re-haul. I think Patreon might be enough of a known entity that it's time to change the landing page from a welcome to Patreon experience to a welcome to Legendary Sisters experience. So about those reward delays, and what I'm gonna do about it. I wanted to do rewards in the order they were earned. That is to say the first-at-level rewards should go out first, and it's only fair they go out in the order of the level they represent. The only problem with this, is that try as hard as I might, not everyone who has earned a first-at-level reward has responded to my request to tell me what they want their water-color card to be. And I've been using that as a weak excuse to not move forward. That's changing this year. From now on, when someone wins a watercolor card, I’m just going to pick a random subject from the world of the Legendary Sisters and paint it out. This does limit the control that patrons have over what they get, but I’m opening a new feature that will give more control over the comic itself. We’ll get to that in a minute. But rewards means mailing addresses. If you want to receive what I’m sending, you’ve gotta tell me where to send it. If you are at a reward level that has physical rewards and you haven’t set up your profile to have a mailing address in it, please do so. I do want to get these rewards out. If you’ve already been shown a reward but haven’t received it, it’s not lost, I’m just behind on getting to the post. So about this new reward. If you look at page 40, of The Maskmaker’s Daughter, you’ll find a chicken. That chicken is there because Jason Zielke has a strange sense of humor. One night he msg’d me and said, nay demanded, as my top-patron (at the time), that I put a chicken in the comic. I laughed. Then I did it. And that’s my new idea. I want to encourage more interactivity here at the Patreon site, so starting this week I’m going to open a “shout-out” post, where-in patrons of any level can suggest something be worked into a future page. Now it has to be period relevant, but it will be a fun challenge for me, and you’ll be able to point to that chicken and say… that chicken, that’s there because of ME! Lastly, I’m going to change up the way we do the CoLD calls. Very few people attend, despite the pay-wall for them having been lowered. So I want to make them more relevant. To that end I’ll be inviting guests more often. If I can wrangle them up… fellow artists, writers, printers, board-makers… if it’s comic related I want to get them in to hang out. I’m going to shorten the ‘cast to an hour and work on getting them set at an earlier CST time, as well as getting the link out MUCH earlier in the week. Oh wait, more lastly, if you see that the activity count has dropped, that's because I'm cleaning out the old CoLD hangout-link posts, as they're no longer relevant. I'm also switching the really old spoiler-wall posts to publicly view-able, as they are no longer spoilers.