Life happened, and someone died
CW / TW: death, family, grief. My grandmother passed away, almost 4 weeks ago, and next week is the funeral. This is why I've been "gone" lately, because life happened and I don't have any spoons. I'm struggling to keep up with uni, and had to drop one of my courses. Now, I want to come back but it's going to take a while longer because something unexpected happened. I hope that you want to stay with me as I adjust, recover, and balance my life again. CFS is still an obvious part of my life, and it takes a huge drain. Like, today I did dishes, switched out pillows, and booked laundry. Now I am completely exhausted and just want to hide. I will understand if you want to withdraw your support while I can't produce anything, but I hope you signed up for supporting me when I'm having my down periods too. Either way, thank you for everything up until now. <3