HACK THE CRAFT: Using Detail and Description to Bring Characters and Scenes to Life
This tutorial comes courtesy of episode 116 of The Taylor Stevens Show, where, together with my good friend and co-host Steve Campbell, we kick writing in the butt one word at a time.

The first three to four minutes are audio only. Worry not. The black screen is temporary and the entire tutorial itself includes video. Pinkie promise.

This is the first of two sessions in which we utilize a potential rewrite draft of the opening chapters to A SHOT IN THE BARK,  the already published first book in C.A. Newsome's successful Lia Anderson series. (Many thanks to Carol for her bravery and willingness to share unfinished material with the world and for her generosity in allowing us to use these chapters as our teaching blackboard.) 

In this segment we show how to strengthen an already solid piece by:

** Giving "disembodied voices" a body, 

** Replacing vague words with detail and description,

** Converting questions to statements,

** Utilizing small detail to create depth of character,

** Ensuring the reader has all the information s/he needs to see what the author sees.

** Using vivid words to create vibrant description so the reader can vicariously experience what the character feels. (The Three Vs of Emotional Engagement).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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