Latinum Audio School Curriculum

Latinum, since 2006,  has gradually developed a comprehensive Latin curriculum.

The core philosophy is what I would call 'The Renaissance Method'  - the methods of study and textbooks developed during a period when Latin was still needed as a practical work-horse language. 

At this time, students were expected to know Latin well enough to use it at school. (In many schools the vernacular was forbidden, and a student using it was beaten!)

 Universities across Europe at this time conducted all their lectures in Latin. If you wanted international fame as a writer, then you had to publish in Latin.

The complete curriculum and resource list can be seen by inspecting the Streaming Catalogue and the Download Catalogue.

Latinum also provides resource catalogues for studying elementary Hebrew and Greek.

 If you are a beginner, you may wish to follow the progression outlined below; however, you are free to design your own path into Latin, choosing what best fits for your learning style, using the resources provided in the Streaming Catalogue and Download Catalogue.


 How to use it: listen to it frequently until you can understand the Latin only version. 

What is it? The Vestibulum is an introductory text, that aims to give you a good starting vocabulary. It forms the foundation for many of the later texts used in the course. It contains no explicit grammar. 


This course is preparatory to using Adler. It covers similar ground.

Why? This text will serve as an easier introduction to Latin than Adler. Once all the sections of the Serial and Oral Course have been completed, you should then begin to study Adler - you will find the first sections of Adler easy, which will consolidate your learning, as they contain similar material. (The London Latin Course in the Download Catalogue (or on YouTube) serves a similar purpose)

At this stage, you may also find  CURSUS LINGUAE LATINAE (YouTube only) to be useful; an audio-visual Latin course, taught entirely in Latin (ALL LEVELS) to be useful, especially as you start to learn Adler. It covers similar ground to Adler.


This is the main language course, and will take you two to three years of daily application to complete. Some dedicated students have completed it faster, some are still working though it slowly after five or more years.

Adler was a renaissance revivalist, and his practical course will give you confidence and skill, as it progresses very gradually, yet nevertheless encompasses the full range of Latin grammar. 


How to use: start to listen to this audiobook while you are studying Adler.

Why? This text will expand your vocabulary dramatically. There is no explicit grammar. 


How to use:  Start to use this text when you are half-way through Adler. 

When to use? About halfway through Adler would be a good time to start listening to these dialogues. This text will help you learn Latin speech patterns. There is no explicit grammar. 


When to use? This text, in English and Latin, provides easy reading, and will expand your vocabulary. This will be your first storybook. You can start to use it whenever you feel like.


 When to use? About halfway through Adler would be a good time to start listening to the fables. 

This text is presented in Latin-English. The fables are short, and will further expand your vocabulary. They were traditionally the first exposure to Latin literature in the ancient and renaissance Latin schoolroom.


When to use? This is intended for advanced students, who have completed Adler, although a very dogged beginner would benefit. Prendergast is still in production.


Why? This will give you the confidence to tackle Virgil.

10. D'OOGE

Why? Studying this text will provide a useful revision of Latin Grammar.

11. After this stage, students are encouraged to explore the growing range of materials provided: these are categorised by ability level in either the Streaming Catalogue or the Download Catalogue. 

You can of course dip into any text you want to, and any text presented in Latin and English can be used by even beginning level students. It is also not at all harmful to listen to material you only semi understand.

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