Does It Hurt To Have Dental Implants Placed?

There are many myths about dental implants nowadays. One of them is the myth about how much a dental surgery hurts. Many people who have never witnessed dental implants surgeries claim that the surgeries are painful. However, in reality, most of the dental implant patients at our clinic say that the procedure doesn't hurt.

At Dr. Lana Rozenberg's clinic, we know that best from our experience. Basically, the bone where the implant is placed does not have many pain-sensing nerves - which means that the procedure does not hurt.

Do Dental Implants Hurt - Before And After They Are Added?

In order to make this clearer for patients that have many concerns over the potential pain related to dental implant treatments, the best answer is to 'divide' the pain in three main processes, including:

  • Preparation - This is the first phase when the area for surgery is being prepared - and when only a small amount of discomfort can be felt as the surroundings are assessed and cleaned.
  • Placing the implant - In this phase, most of the doctors use anesthetic of the same strength as in routine dentistry, numbing the pain sensation through oral sedation

·After the procedure - Dental implant surgeries means exposing the bone, where there is likely to be minor swelling and in some cases bruising. However, for most patients the post-procedure pain can be solved with the use of painkillers, antibiotics, rinses or early monitoring of concerns.

Are Dental Implants As Painful, As Expensive And As Lengthy As People Say?

Some of the other myths we hear about dental implants include the statements that these implants are painful, expensive and take a long time. At Rozenberg Dental NYC, in most of the cases, patient say that the routine was much easier and less painful than they thought to begin with.

On the question if dental implants are expensive, it goes without saying that they never cost much more than an average of 3 tooth bridge. The long-term cost of having them is lower - and they are replaced every 7 to 15 years. Not to mention the incredible value they offer.

The last myth is linked to the time-consuming process of adding dental implants. This is again a false statement, only because having a dental implant usually takes 2-4 months on average - while a bridge takes 3-6 weeks. So, it is safe to say that dental implants are a short term sacrifice for a long term benefit, right?

At Dr. Lana Rozenberg's office, every patient deserves a chance to have the best temporary teeth. If you are one of our potential customers, contact us today and schedule your appointment!