What are the most important features in a Media Encoder?
Maybe you already know that I'm working on the development of an easy-to-use user interface for FFmpeg, the awesome, comprehensive and lightning fast command-line only free encoder.

If you didn't, now you know.

I've already developed the core features - including a library for other developers - and now I'm just asking you:

What feature do you need most, what feature would you like to test first?

I plan to develop all of these features, I'm just trying to set priorities ;)

Use the comments below if you feel something is missing!

I'm going to release a first testing version very soon - as soon as I've made a Mac OS version - exclusively for my patrons pledging more than $4 who have an early access to the tools.

Encode queue

Image sequence (with separate sound file) handling

Multiple outputs for one input file

Mac OSX Support

Linux Support

Previewing medias (media player)

Previewing outputs BEFORE encoding (to adjust quality)

Multi-pass encoding for a better output file size management

Output format presets

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