Stronger for Language - Preview
My wonderful patrons have access to this new sci-fi short story. It's about a young mom who discovers she has unique skills from hours spent translating what her twin 3-year-olds are saying. She just might save the day when her husband, the starship's captain, gets into a linguistic pickle with a new alien race!

Here's a preview of the beginning...

Kenzie Wyatt crept toward the door of the small room where her twins were down for naps. She had turned off the motion sensor, so she could do exactly this: stand outside and listen. Teaching them to sleep in regular beds rather than cribs was going to be challenging.

She’d nearly reached the door when the slightly robotic voice of the starship's A.I. asked, “I see the motion sensor is disabled. Would you like me to open this door, Mrs. Wyatt?”

“SHHH!!!” Kenzie squeezed her eyes shut and froze.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

“Just shut up, Andromeda!” she hissed.

So much for sneaking. Darned A.I.

From behind the door, she heard two little voices giggle hysterically and one said, “Shuh UP, Andomia!”

“Ugh!” Kenzie slapped her hands across her face. This is already going so well! “Andromeda, open the door.”

“Opening!” said the A.I. brightly.

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