Sorry for the absence. I'm still working on the website, the archive, and real life. Admittedly, in that order.

Immediate Future Goals:

  • CHECKED - Harry and Harley, Chapter 15 - Working on it. May give a preview on it in the near future. It's being difficult, but I think I can wrangle it into submission. I don't want a short chapter, so I'm persisting on it.
  • CHECKED - A Life is Strange One-Shot - You ask, I deliver - most times, anyway. Not sure if it will be an off-shoot of One More Time, or an isolated story.
  • CHECKED - Speaking of Life is Strange - On Twitch, Sunday (10/29), 7PM EST. I got myself a permalink shortener branded to my domain, bytheby (see Twitch link). If I had a shorter domain, it would be a lot more useful, but still pretty fun. Maybe I'll consider it. No idea how to shorten it.
    Anyway, gonna give myself hives thinking about public broadcasting, but since my internet is finally a smidgen better, I might as well give it a shot. I just bought it for myself on my birthday, so I figured I should play it before Episode 2 comes out.
  • Steven Universe One-Shot - Sorry for the extreme delay. I have an idea regarding a crossover with a Disney movie, and I'm not sure how it will be received. Will probably have nothing to do with recent episodes. Romantic theme, with a bit of humor.
  • CHECKED - Buy the theme that I currently use on The Archive. Currently, my favorite hobby is adding stories to that site, and I need more freedom regarding it to properly set up the Official (This really might be it, guys, I promise!) Forum. Currently set to a Halloween theme, colors subject to change. Just looking at the screen layout of the forum, you can tell that there are limitations, and I really want to support the theme (Magazine Plus), because it's been good to me as a free deal.

I may be setting myself up for too much. But these are my immediate goals. Getting all of this done by the end of the year is a stretch, but I've been slowing down as of late, because of home issues. I hope to catch up. The OUAT Stories will be taking a back seat for now, but they will return.

Thank you for reading, and any suggestions are wholly welcome.