14th Anniversary!
 Because I like to do a different theme each anniversary, here is this year's theme: Denizens of the Weave! Such as the aforementioned Alternate Timeline... but things are a little more complicated than that perhaps! Consider this a little teaser for things to come, as I've done in the past with other Anniversary posters. We blasted right past the true anniversary date though-- the 6th-- because BAD LUCK (and it persists!)

But because this was so late, I thought I'd unlock a particular lore post to go with it to fill in some things as well. There'll be a few unfamiliar terms in it, but those will be also explained in the fullness of time!

There is a mystical place called The Weave. It has been just merely hinted at in the comic-- I'll tell you exactly where when we get to it in earnest. But the Weave is the realm of let's say, worlds, called "Fate Casts", a place where powerful beings-- and some not so powerful, crafted their own realities that play out simulations like the Holodeck from Star Trek TNG in an attempt to nudge Prime Reality toward a desired goal. Many of them were created by cosmic beings and contain a near-perfect copy of the cosmos-- but a lot of them are petty little counter-casts that serve only to cancel out other Fate Cast's influence on reality. And depending on who crafted it, some can be more "real" than others...

This is not a quantum worlds/realities scenario where one choice births another world where the decision was different-- each Fate Cast was created deliberately by its caster, and the differences stem from the fate that was chosen for that particular Cast.

There is danger in the Weave-- while Prime beings can enter through special means, they cannot take things out of a Fate Cast and back to the Prime Material, and as such they risk starvation or death for all that makes up a Fate Cast is not truly "real" in the strictest sense; a blade is real enough to draw blood while a stew is just real enough to make you feel full while giving you nothing in terms of nutrition. Those who spend a lot of time in The Weave only do so with supply arrangements. And there are far more dangers than starvation to be found... 

So without further ado, here is the crew featured here!

From left- LaBelle and Fenris, "The Last Dragon, Lord of Helltown", GunMannick, Mina and Zerlocke, Elf King Sadick, "Star" Vic, Melalon and Arina, Kavonn, Zeno Chavez, and Xavier.

Crispo, Sadick, Vic and Mel are from different Fate Casts, Arina is from the Prime Reality. The rest are from Zeno's realm, our Zeno met these folks when Mr. Chavez sent him into a vision quest off-panel... and yes we will get back to that someday too! There's a complete story there we just have yet to see it in full!