15-30 June 2015 Patron Supported!
I apologize if progress seems a bit light this segment, I've got a number of commissions lined up that I'm prepping for that I want to take you through step by step.

First up is a commission from one of my very special patrons. That will continue to progress quickly in the following days which I'm hoping to start livestreaming in the next day or so.

It'll be a bit still before I'm able to get back to my primary projects, but in the meanwhile I'm in talks for producing some dragon related illustrations for a company I'm very excited for the chance to work for.

I'll be doing everything in my power to take you through the process step by step and explain my thought processes and how I approach the various challenges that I encounter along the way. It should be a fun learning experience for every one. hopeful freelancers can gain insight on what pitfalls to avoid and commissioners can gain some tips on how to help energize their artist to get the best works out of them. ^_~

Again thank you so much for you help it means so much to me and is providing vital support as I continue to grow as an artist. ^ _^