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15-30 JUNE 2016 Patreon Supported!!!
Phew! Racing against the clock here. 

Just got her done in time. I might play around with some alternative backgrounds for Babette in the future. I'll look into trying to get a shirt version up made too.

Minotauress is plugging along with 2-3 more stages to plan out and then planning out how each background will change per plate. 

Still a lot of work to go for that project but its finally starting to take form which has me pretty excited.

I know what I produced this month might not look like much yet, but really its the foundation for what will be something far greater. Trust me you'll like what you see. ^ _^

I apologize for losing time this period what with friends unexpectedly crashing from out of town.  

I'm debating starting up page 3 for Crimson Dames or putting more work into the pitch book I need to have ready before september. I have a 1 day convention coming up next month so hopefully that can help me with raising some extra funds. If you live near fredericksberg in Virginia consider stopping by and I'll gladly set you up with some free items. ^ _^

Thank you again for your support this period. It was a really stressful one but I've gained new ideas that I'll be looking into implementing with the current projects. 

Please leave me some feedback on the works posted. I'd love to hear what you think and how i might better improve. ^ _^

Without your help my meager ability to stay alive wouldn't even be possible. I'll do everything in my power to not waste your efforts and produce the best works of art I can.

I really hope to bring the werewolf subgenre to new heights of quality. Thanks again so much your all the best. ^ o^