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Phewa just a few more days work and the Pitch book will finally be complete! :D

I just need a few more background sketches then a few days of writing and editing.

This Pitch Book will hopefully be a major step toward expanding awareness of this project and hopefully eventually lead to at least a few new supporters.

I have to get this thing sent out to the printers as soon as possible to maximize the time available to iron out any potential errors and get them shipped in time for the Small Press Expo. I'm not too enthused that the event is a paltry 2 half days when it cost so much to book a table. I just hope that I manage to move enough books/fliers for the digital copy that at least a handful are converted into fans. 

Looks like the Dragon Shield company wants to hire me on to design 3 more dragons for them. 2 new colors and 1 for the display box. Which will keep me busy for much of September / October. So if you were looking to get a commission done and hadn't already booked  a place in my schedule, then I'm afraid you'll have to wait until mid October.

Beyond that I of course need to put in more work into the Minotauress project. I've been given permission to hold off on it till the book is off to the printers but after that I'll likely be splitting each day between that project and the Dragon project. 

I want to thank all of you so much for helping me to come along this far on this project. in October once my schedule clears up I'll be able to start putting a more direct focus onto the Crimson Dames pages.  

Oh yeah if any of you are artist yourselves and feel like being featured in the pitch book I'm accepting 2 fan art submissions per person wanting to be featured. I'll include a small bio of you and links to your main gallery to help promote your work.

In the future I hope to one day be able to afford to pay upcoming artist for their efforts. but for the now its entirely on a voluntary basis. Try to have anything you'd liked featured before the 5th if at all possible. Once I'm done with the writing and ready to ship the book thatll be it. :\

Thanks again so much, all of you! Crimson Dames is reaching new heights with your aid. ^ o^ I'm really excited to see how it all turns out!

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