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15: Butterfly
Episode 15: Butterfly is here! Thank you all so much, as always, for keeping the show going. We hope you checked it out earlier today, but if not, it's got Kristen as  science darling Sally Grissom, and guest stars Richard Penner (AKA Timescanner, creator of The Infinite Now) and Lauren Shippen (creator of and performer in The Bright Sessions). Sally's going to see a therapist; meanwhile, Maggie Elbourne is running a study on mice (with increasingly esoteric names).

Along with this episode, there's a couple of announcements. Firstly, we're going to be releasing episode transcripts on the aP website. We've been uneven about releasing production scripts here on Patreon, and that's for a number of reasons. Mostly because a lot of cutting happens between writing, recording, and release day. Partly because it was always an added effort to go back in and remove spoilers for upcoming episodes. Sometimes it was because we realized some of our inside jokes in the margins were a little too inside. However, there's also been a call lately for episode transcripts for accessibility purposes. So! We've decided to start releasing post-production episode transcripts on the website, for free! Rad.

But for those of you at the $5 tier, we will not leave you hanging! We are going to be releasing monthly behind-the-scenes roundtables with Daniel, Mischa, and some of the other wonderful people behind aP. Those will go up the week after episodes are released. (And just like that, between full episodes, interviews, minisodes, and teasers, we became a show with weekly content! how bout that.) This month we're talking to Lauren Shippen about how she and Mischa started working together and the state of the audio drama podcast scene today.

Lastly, now that all pledges are processed from #MoneyIsTime, we're going to get to work printing posters and shipping them out during August! So get hype for those!

Thanks again to everyone supporting the show. It means the world to us.

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