$150 Photo Gift - Giveaway
UNIQUE MINI-PROJECT Using September's Patreon Money to buy stuff for my Patrons. Next month you patrons will help me get someone their "First Camera" THIS WEEK I'm going to a Photo Expo in NYC. I'm going to use the Patreon money from September I will buy some cool Photo Gifts I will give the item/s to my patrons. THE GIVE AWAY 1. Tell me what are the best Photo Gifts for under $150 2. Share this post or the related video And you'll be on the give away list. 3.One or more patrons will get a gift from me. (Totaling $150) 4. Chosen at random from those that complete steps 1-3 WHY? My Patreon site is so new most of my own friends and fans don't even know about it. I'm looking ahead, I want to expand the Jarvie Troops/Patrons so that when I do some of my big projects there will be sufficient resources and support to make them happen. VIDEO Also I can do a video for my Patrons talking about photography items they may consider for the holidays REWARDS Yes you all still get your rewards all the same.
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