1500 pts RavenWing - ITC
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RavenWing Strike Force

Samael (Warlord)

Librarian lv 2, Bike - Interromancy

Librarian lv2, Bike - Divination

Command Squad 6 Strong - Ravenwing Banner, Champion, Apothercary

6 Black Knights

6 Ravenwing Bikers, 2 grav, combi grav

6 Ravenwing Bikers, 2 grav, combi grav

Shroud Speeder

Shroud Speeder

This army is fast, can re roll jinks and if it boosts on the first turn they can count as jinking and can still fire to full effect on the second turn. Quite, nasty. Hit and Run, Decent warp charges to support the army.

The command squad is the hard hitting section and at least there are no space wolves, but the speeders adding stealth to anything within 6" as well as helping against things like overwatch, really help the army as well!

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