Candle Burning for James Williams
One of the benefits that comes with becoming my patron at the $10/month level and above is a candle burning in your name.

Yesterday I burned a candle for my patron James Williams.  I'm posting this so that he, and everyone else who's interested in becoming my patron, will know what a candle burning entails.

Before I begin, let me say that I am not a superstitious person, and I will not tell you unequivocally as a fact that Archangel Barachiel is "real" in the sense that I can tell you that my truck is real, or dollar bills or bananas are real.  But then again, calculus, musical texture and iambic pentameter aren't as real as a banana either.  But they are real enough to have have utility, value and importance.  And so is Archangel Barachiel.  

First a small, white, one-hour candle is blessed and anointed with scented oil.  Then the candle is placed in the shrine to Archangel Barachiel inside the Cabal Fang Temple.  Beside it I also place a stick of incense.  

Candle and incense are lit, followed by an introductory prayer to Barachiel.  Then I speak a customized prayer offering on behalf of the patron.  In this case I said, "Barachiel, I humbly ask that you send your blessings to James Williams.  James is a kind, intelligent, hardworking and devoted friend and highly deserving of your support.  Please lend him your guardianship, guidance, care, visitation and defense, I pray thee."  

I repeat this prayer offering eleven more times for a total of twelve recitations.  I then spend the balance of the hour in some form of quiet meditation, contemplation or prayer.