Unofficial Novelisation: Paperback Editions
All my Final Fantasy VII novelisation work is available to read online or download as free eBooks, but I'm regularly asked by fans of the project if there's a way for them to buy printed editions of A New Threat or The Man in the Black Cloak. The short answer is: they're not for sale (for various reasons that I won't bore you with). However, anyone who wishes to own a paperback copy of either volume is welcome to arrange the printing themselves. The process is very easy, and I've provided all the files and step-by-step instructions you'll need in the downloadable PDFs attached.

Please note that I have no control over printing and shipping, nor the costs involved. You will simply be paying for the material and service charges from a third party, but the rates are minimised.

Please also note that I do not see a penny/cent of this. If you value my product, however, I ask that you consider supporting me by making a pledge here. Every little helps me to continue working as a writer.

And don't forget to keep up to date with ongoing releases, or download the 50-page preview version of the third volume, The Cetran Legacy.

PS, there are a handful of regions around the world where the local print houses have issues with the font I use. If you place an order and later receive an email notifying you of such an issue, leave me a comment below and I'll send you an alternative file.