Cover art notes for "Three Reasons to Be Afraid of the Dark"
This one's my own picture, and let me tell you, I have SO much appreciation now for some of the more artistic images that turn up in a Google Images search of "reading in the dark" and suchlike. How do you make sure the light falls only on the book and nowhere else? How do you make it a soft directionless glow rather than an obvious oval of lamplight? The only place I could find at that time of day that was in complete darkness was the laundry room. Seriously. Our bathroom might have worked, but first off, it had too many reflective surfaces, and secondly, the door is currently not on its hinges because it wants painting. (Yes, that's just as awkward as it sounds.) So I took the photo with the book open on the clothes-folding table in the laundry room. If you're curious, that's a hardback of THE GIRL WHO SOARED OVER FAIRYLAND AND CUT THE MOON IN TWO (C. Valente), and the shadowy thing creeping across the page is a rather cute beanie frog doing page weight duty.
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