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An Arab Love-Song
This is one of the pieces from the Musical Hat Draw. I really enjoyed that project, but it didn't result in a single sale of music! So I've decided to release the pieces as I normally would, through Patreon, instead. This text was suggested by TJA Thurman, but written by Francis Thompson. It's for a small or flexible choir, with piano accompaniment. 

An Arab Love-Song

Francis Thompson (1859-1907)


THE hunchèd camels of the night  

Trouble the bright  

And silver waters of the moon.  

The Maiden of the Morn will soon  

Through Heaven stray and sing,        

Star gathering.  


Now while the dark about our loves is strewn,  

Light of my dark, blood of my heart, O come!  

And night will catch her breath up, and be dumb.  


Leave thy father, leave thy mother  

And thy brother;  

Leave the black tents of thy tribe apart!  

Am I not thy father and thy brother,  

And thy mother?  

And thou—what needest with thy tribe's black tents

Who hast the red pavilion of my heart?

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