November Message
This month's reading focuses on what we need to be aware of for the wellbeing of our mind, body, and spirit, as well as a bit of ancestral inspiration. 

Mind – 3 of Swords

Kill your darlings. With just two months left in the year, it’s time to prioritize. This likely means making some tough decisions, particularly with the chaos that comes along with the holiday season (whether you celebrated not). What’s realistic for your life right now? What’s most pertinent, given the limited amount of time we have left in the year. Are any of your deadlines and tasks self-imposed and/or perhaps causing more stress than benefit? In all your planning (or lack thereof) have you carved out time to let yourself rest and recover?

This time of year often brings family related stress. What boundaries do you need to set to make sure you are okay? Or perhaps your source of stress is that you need to be more intentional about spending quality time with your folks - looking at you, workaholics! In sum, the 3 of Swords in this reading is telling us that we need to clear away the things that are taking up space in our hearts and minds so that we can focus on what’s truly near & dear.

Pleurisy root helps to relieve phlegm & congestion in our bodies. By clearing out this physical congestion, we also clear out matters that are clogging up our spiritual lives.

Body – 7 of Pentacles

Patience is key. This comes up every year around this time, right? It’s so easy to run our bodies into the ground, what with shopping, cooking, event planning, travel, and everything else that comes up. But if we really want to be productive, we also have to get comfortable with pausing to let our efforts take effect. We may find ourselves frustrated with how much longer things seem to be taking. When this happens, it can be helpful to look at the situation at hand and determine whether the crisis really exists where we see one. It may just be that the Universe is telling us to sit down and watch Her work. (Keep in mind: that work may very well be on US, not the situation we’re fussing about.)

Rhubarb helps to clear out constipation in our spiritual lives and relieves intestinal irritation in our physical bodies. In other words: relieving ourselves from factors and conditions that are impeding our ability to move forward.

Spirit – 3 of Pentacles

This card reminds us that our efforts really do pay off. We may still be works-in-progress but the Universe is invested in our wellbeing and will support us in getting what we need. Perhaps there are people who’ve invested in your work and it’s time to demonstrate what you’ve done so far. In this deck, the farmer appears to be planting their coins such that they are also on display. People see what you’re doing, be proud of your work. Community is especially important at this time, and knowing that we are supported is a great boost to our spiritual health. So let people know what you’re doing so they can invest in you.

Gentian is a bitter herb that, like pleurisy and rhubarb, also eases irritations in both the spiritual and physical realm. As (Just in case you didn't already catch the theme here.) 

Ancestral Inspiration – Malcolm X  

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was tenacious, determined, and exceedingly honest with himself, particularly toward the end of his life. He made no excuses for his past and worked to live out the values that he’d begun to align with before he died. So what has changed for you in the last year? How have you grown and what have you learned since last November? Given the message from the first three cards, what lessons can you take from Brother Malcolm’s life to support your own growth and wellbeing during these last 8 weeks of 2017? Is there something you need to take a new stance on? Do you need to reframe your perspective on some aspect of your life? 

Take a few minutes during this week to connect with your ancestors for a self-assessment. Thank them for their support and ask them for guidance on how to best focus your attention, operate in a space of patience, and build with your community so that you can be in alignment with the greatness that the Universe has in store for you this month. 

Decks used: Herbal Tarot (affiliate link) & the Urban Intellectuals Black History Flashcards 

Disclaimer: The information provided about the herbs on the cards in this reading does not constitute medical advice! If you are experiencing any medical issues, please see your healthcare professional. If you would like more information on how these herbs related to the deck, you can find it in the The Spirit of Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot (affiliate link).  

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