Developer's report - October 2017
Here's what I have been working on in October:

Preparing for the Revised Core and rotation
There were some small tweaks needed for A lot changes for Revised Core cards were merged with their previous doppelgangers. Some stats needed fixing to accommodate this.

Previous / Next button on Cards page
For easier navigation between different pack statistics. Check it out yourself:

Birthday page for went public on October 26th 2017. Thank you all for participating in my endeavour. You can eyeball some stats on the celebratory page:

Any logged in user can conclude a tournament on
Originally only the tournament creator (and admins) could conclude a tournament. I realised that there were a lot of "stuck" tournaments and I should trust the community more. Hopefully we will have more tournament result data this way :) You can find the list of tournaments waiting for a conclusion on the Results page:

Various bug-fixes.
The usual stuff.

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