The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Pg 98

And that’s how Spooky Jones plays the game of snaps! (You can find the page on the site here: ) Since the last update, y’all blasted past $2000/month over at the Patreon Page, which meant that the first Milestone Goal was triggered! Starting with this page, Patrons will get to see the pencil art along with the colored art for each update! And Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards (the vast majority) were also sent their very first Sneak Preview Sunday update, where they got to see a shirtless, flexing Fluke (and next Sunday will get to see a special, sneak peek image of Flyboy!) We’re now at $2223/month with 210 Patrons (Woot!) which means we’re just $777/month away from turning The Young Protectors into a permanent twice-weekly comic and only $277/month away from unlocking the safe-for-work Digital Kickstarter Rewards for Patrons. I want to send out my warmest thank yous out to all the new Patrons who have joined in the last week. I’m simply bowled over by the kind words you’ve sent me and your amazing support. You ROCK! So! Looks like Spooky’s is helping The Annihilator explore a little quiet time. (I wonder how that’ll be for him. Any suggestions for his thought bubble in that last panel?) Meanwhile, it looks like Kyle and Tsunami are keeping The Platinum Priestess on her toes. Gosh, I wonder what’ll happen next? Tune in Saturday to find out! I hope to see you there! :D

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